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Units of Study

5th Grade Social Studies will focus on "The Age of Discovery" through "The Information Age". This is almost 300 years of history so let's break that down a bit more: 
In the first 9 Weeks- Students will be learning about the discoveries of the Americas, development of territories, early American Colonies, American Revolutionary War, and birth of the United States. 
In the second 9 Weeks- Students will continue learning about the development of America, American Government system, Manifest Destiny, 1st Industrial Revolution, and Territory Acquisitions. 
In the third 9 Weeks- Students will begin learning about the American Civil War, Great Depression, and 2nd Industrial Revolution, beginning of WWI. 
In the 4th 9 Weeks- Students will be learning about the end of the Great Depression, Reconstruction, ...and this is the moment many students have been waiting for.. the World Wars, Vietnam War, Korean War, Space Race and more!