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Units of Study

Social Studies  
First 9 weeks
Finding Texas
Where in the World Are We?
United States Constitution
The First People in Texas
Archaic Indians
Prehistoric Indians
Historic American Indians
Third 9 weeks
The Alamo
Texans Surprise Santa Anna
The Republic of Texas
Texas is Annexed
Annexation Leads to War
Texas Joins a Divided Nation
A New Era in Texas
Second 9 weeks
The New World
Spanish Explorers
La Salle
First Missions in Texas
Mission San Saba
Stephen Austin
Unrest in Texas
Fourth 9 weeks
The Texas Frontier
Railroad Boom
Texas Oil
The Early 1900s
The 20th Century
Texas Cultures
Texas Pride
First 9 weeks
Unit 1: Investigating Physical Properties of Matter
Unit 2: Investigating Mixtures
Unit 3: Investigating Energy
Third 9 weeks
Unit 6: Investigating the Changing Earth
Unit 7: Investigating Weather and the Water Cycle
Unit 8: Investigating Patterns of the Sun, Earth, and Moon System
Second 9 weeks
Unit 4: Investigating Force and Motion
Unit 5: Investigating Natural Resources
Fourth 9 weeks
Unit 9: Investigating Energy flow in Living Systems
Unit 10: Investigating Structure and Behaviors of Organisms
Unit 11: Investigating Life Cycles