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Syllabus/Units of Study

4th Grade Math
1st Grading Period
Unit 1: Place Value
Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction of Whole numbers and Decimals
Unit 3: Multiplication
Unit4: Division
Second Grading Period:
Unit 5: All Operations
Unit 6: Fractions
Unit 7: Data Representation
Third Grading Period:
Unit 8: Measurement
Unit 9: Geometry- Lines, points, and Angles
Unit 10: Geometry-Measuring Angles
FourthGrading Period:
Unit 11: Making Connections
Unit 12: Essential Understanding of Fractions
Unit 13: Essential Understanding of All Operations
4th Grade Science
First Grading Period:
Unit 1: Matter
Unit 2: Mixtures and Solutions
Unit 3: Energy
Second Grading Period:
Unit 4: Force and Motion
Unit 5: Natural Resources
Third Grading Period:
Unit 6: The Changing Earth
Unit 7: Weather and the Water Cycle
Unit 8: Patterns of the Earth, Sun, and Moon System
FourthGrading Period:
Unit 9: Energy Flow in Living Systems
Unit 10: Structure and Behavior of Organisms
Unit 11: Life Cycles