Headshot of Ms. Carsten
Student Schedule (Carsten's Homeroom):
7:40-7:50 Breakfast (eat in classroom)
7:55 Tardy Bell
8:00-8:45 TRIBE (Genius Hour on Fridays)
8:50-10:05 Math with Miss Carsten
10:05-10:30 Social Studies with Miss Carsten
10:30-11:00 3rd Grade Recess
11:00-11:30 3rd Grade Lunch
11:30-12:25 Science with Miss Kitchens
12:25-1:15 ELAR with Mrs. Mulkern
1:15-2:05 Electives*
2:10-3:10 ELAR (continued) with Mrs. Mulkern
3:10-3:20 Prepare for Dismissal with Miss Carsten
  • Electives will rotate on a 6 day schedule. Students will need shoes for P.E. every other day. It is better to be safe and always have shoes if your student is not sure if it will be a P.E. day or not.
*Elective Schedule
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Music P.E. Library P.E. Computer/Art P.E.
**Every Tuesday, we will have a shortened schedule.  Students will have an extra elective that day.  It is a good idea to always be prepared for the possibility of P.E. on TUESDAYS as well.
Teacher Schedule (Carsten):
7:40-7:55 Breakfast Duty in Class/ Morning Work with Homeroom
8:00-8:45 TRIBE (Genius Hour on Fridays)
8:50-10:05 Math with Miss Carsten's Homeroom
10:05-10:30 Social Studies with Miss Carsten's Homeroom
10:30-11:00 Recess-(Duty)
11:00-11:30 3rd Grade Lunch-(Off)
11:30-12:25 Math with Miss Kitchens's Homeroom
12:25-1:15 Math with Mrs. Mulkern's Homeroom
1:15-2:05 Conference
2:10-3:34 Math (continued) with Mrs. Mulkern's Homeroom
2:45-3:10 Social Studies with Mrs. Mulkern's Homeroom
3:10-3:20 Prepare for Dismissal
Available directly by email or school status. You can send messages at anytime, but responses may be delayed outside of the 1:15-2:05 conference time.
School Status is an automated number that you can save after receiving a text message from me. You may text that number at anytime. You will receive calls from that number as well.  It won't have a Sanger area code.
CCI phone: 940.458.7476
*We will also be using ClassDojo to send out announcements and post student work.  You can message through that as well if you prefer.  For specific/individual parent contact, I will primarily be using SchoolStatus.